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Baby Soft Air Drying Clay

Baby Soft Air Drying Clay

Super soft clay for hand/foot print imprint

    Just a very gentle press of your baby or child's hand or foot will make a perfect detailed print. Also perfect for pets!


    • Super soft and super safe for newborns. Available in White.
      • So simple - roll, press baby's hand or foot into the clay very gently and cut either a circle, oval or rectangle around the print using a kitchen knife (or large pastry cutter), then leave to dry in the air at room temperature for 48 hours.  Use a flat kitchen spatula to turn your print over carefully and then air dry on the other side for a further 48 hrs. 
      • Finest details of fingerprints and creases are recorded for ever in these imprints. Why not print a baby with his or her siblings or you can print hands or pairs of feet.
      • Very gentle pressure only required to make the perfect print.  We sell kits, tools etc included in our Mills and Mills shop.  You can choose how to display your prints - why not frame them (see our frames); hang it with ribbon or mount on bespoke wood or slate.
      • Also very suitable for making pet paw prints!
    • Safety First :- Please note this clay is not a toy and the imprinting should be carried out by adults. Do not leave a young child or baby unattended with any type of clay and ensure you remove all traces of clay from your childs hands/feet after printing as a lump of clay could pose a choking hazard.

    • Hints and tips : - for best results, so you don't stretch or squash the fresh imprint, we recommend you roll the clay onto a plastic tray or a dinner plate or hard table mat, press the hand/foot into it, cut the clay to shape and leave it to dry where it is (on the tray/plate).  You can easily move the imprint after 48 hrs, but shouldn't try moving it while its still soft/fresh or it will change shape !  Cut the clay quickly to avoid the clay sticking to your knife/cutter.
    • Can be painted using Acrylic paint (see tools).

    To give you a guide, a 100g block measures approximately 13cm x 13cm x 3cm thick.

    One 100g block makes 5 prints of a newborn (up to 3 months) or 3 prints of a child up to 1 year old (e.g. you can make two handprints and one footprint or vice versa). It would normally make a pair of hand or foot prints of a child up to age 2 or a single print of older children.

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