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Modroc Plaster Bandage

Modroc Plaster Bandage

ModRoc Plaster of Paris Bandage 8 cm x 3.0 m per roll. Price per roll.

What is Modroc used for?

Modroc (or mod roc) is another name for plaster impregnated bandage, and it can be used to make sculpture by even very young children (who love the messiness!) or by older children/adults who enjoy its versatility. In summary, modroc starts off dry, you then dip it in water and then model with it.

How long does it take for Modroc to dry?

After about 15 minutes or when the plaster looks set, it may be removed from the former, though if in any doubt & to avoid cracking it is advised to let it dry completely first; especially if delicate.

Preparation for Painting

The surface of ModRoc is normally crumbly so paint will easily pick or rub off even after it dries. Our solution is before soaking the bandage, mix about 1 part of PVA glue to 3 parts of water for soaking. ... This can be used for both oil and acrylic paint. Alternatively rub down with fine paper to a smooth finish.

Is Modroc safe to use on skin?

Important: Modroc and plaster can dry the skin or cause irritation if in contact over a period of time so ensure to use gloves when handling this product constantly.

How many layers does your Modroc need?

3 layers

You need about 3 layers but if you find that your model is a bit uneven in places or requires additional strength; you can always add more.


A gauze bandage impregnated with plaster - dip in water for few seconds to make it flexible (pasty) and workable - perfect for sculpture or modelling. The plaster bandage can be cut into small pieces or used directly from the roll - can be used on people, belly casting.
The plaster bandage can be cut into small pieces or used directly from the roll - can be used on plastic, glass, papier-mâché, netting etc. - please note: if applied directly on skin - apply a thin coat of Vaseline before aplication of the bandage .

  • This product comprises bandage rolls which are 8cm wide by 3 m long.
  • Extra high plaster content gives the smoothest/creamiest finish
  • They have a minimum 2 year shelf life when stored correctly because each roll is individually sealed.
  • The medical trade use it for setting bones - it's the same stuff. Using ModRoc a whole new world of modelling opens up for you.

Whether you are a professional artist or somebody who has a modelling idea and wants to have a go.