Casting Stone

Casting Stone

Casting plaster of Paris Powder is available in two strengths. General fine casting plaster powder, which is mixed with water to suit all standard casting projects and is ideal for the base of sweet trees. Plus Stone Cast plaster, which is extra strong and ideal for more demanding projects such as lifecasting such as baby hand and foot casting as its extra strength means less breakages. Also see our wide range of lifecasting kits for casting body, face, pregnant belly plus baby hand and foot casting kits which come with full instructions for use.



As a rough guide, a 1kg bag of casting plaster makes around 1 pint of liquid plaster when mixed.

    • Both Stonecast and Fine Casting Plaster of Paris are New and fresh - just bought direct from the supplier so it will have a good shelf life if stored in a dry place and kept well sealed.
    • This material is ideal for making small to large models either in batches or as one off fine art sculptures which can be finely carved when dry.The Stone casting plaster will produce more robust models and is ideal for using in an alginate mould as its much stronger/less brittle than standard plaster
    • Our everyday FINE CASTING PLASTER is great quality and well priced - ideal for craft, including filling the bottom third of your sweet tree pots to make the a firm base for a sweet candy or cupcake tree. Once the plaster has set, for best results, leave it to dry for 2-3 days thoroughly in a warm place. Then you can cover it with wrapped sweets, tissue paper, decorative gravel or more. Please note if you are using our plaster for this purpose, the following will guide you as to how much to purchase.  1Kg of plaster will fill : ten 2" buckets/pots or six 3" buckets/pots or two 4" buckets/pots or one 5" or 6" bucket/pot.  
    • Plaster can be poured into moulds and does not crack like clay. It dries hard. The less water you use the quicker it sets. Too little water and it sets before you can mould or pour it. Setting time varies according to temperature and amount of water but the manufacturer says it will set in approximately 10-20 minutes in the right conditions

**PLEASE NOTE - for the art of life casting (creating replica body parts), you need to create a mould first, using either alginate or modroc.  You should never try to set a body part in casting plaster as plaster creates heat when it dries out/hardens and will cause burns/scalds if you try to set a hand/foot in it.*** . 


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