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Body Casting Kits

Body Casting Kits

Need a professional body caster then visit  who can do it all on site or in their studio.

Make a lasting keepsake today with our hand & foot kit, pregnant belly casting kit, face casting kit or paw casting kit. All our ready made simple kits contain all the necassary products you need plus very detailed step by step instruction sheets. Casting plaster, alginate and other products also sold separately. 


Included in your Kit is Health and Safety information sheets. It is vital that no skin comes into contact with the stone mix as it can reach very high temperatures when curing, causing serious scalds and burns. Stone can set very quickly and therefore it’s vital to follow the safety instructions. The stone mix should only be used in the alginate mould after all body parts have been completely removed from it. Ensure that you wear the protective gloves provided and always use cold water when working with the stone. Do not dispose of the stone waste down any plumbing in your home as it will block drains and can be costly to fix. Instead, empty contents into a double bag and dispose in your waste bin in a safe manner.

Alginate is derived from seaweed and is a non-toxic moulding material that is safe to use on skin. We recommended that you carry out a spot check to ensure there are no allergic reactions before using. If there is any indication of an allergic reaction, please do not use this kit. To carry out a spot check, take a small amount of the Alginate mixture and mix with the same volume of water and apply to the skin. Once the mixture has turned white, remove from skin and monitor for 20 minutes. This can be done whilst you are setting up your equipment.

Ensure that you are working in a well ventilated room and try to avoid inhalation of dust residue from the powdered materials. Do not eat or swallow any part of this kit and keep away from eyes & mouth. If any irritation or reaction is detected, then wash with cold water and seek medical advice at once. Present the Health and Safety forms from your Kit. 

It is recommended to use this kit in the kitchen where you are clear of carpets, rugs and fabric chairs and also to wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.

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