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Alginate Mouding Gel

Alginate Mouding Gel

Alginate - Chromatic Colour Change Moulding Material

900g of Alginate will make six baby feet, six baby hands or three of each using our baby hand and foot tubs.

What is chromatic alginate?

Moulding Alginate is a single use moulding material for professionals or modellers to make mouldings large or small of any body part like rows of teeth, hands, feet and even breasts and other body parts. ... Chromatic alginate is made from seaweed.


Alginate is ideal for 3D baby hand and foot casts, lifecasting and many more one-off casting projects. Alginart is the best known brand of Alginate. Simply mix the Alginate powder with water, place your object in the compound until its set and then remove it and you have a mould that you can pour casting plaster or other materials into.

Alginart is the leading UK professional ALGINATE. It is ideal for making a mould of small and large body parts and one-off castings of sculpture and much more!

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